When are we going to get around to it?

I have been dating my boyfriend for about three months now, and so far, we have not been to bed with each other yet. The other day I told one the girls at Romford escorts about it, and she found it hard to believe that my boyfriend had not wanted to go to bed with me as yet. Actually I cannot read this guy very well at all, and I am not sure that he would like to go to bed with me or not.


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How long is normal to start to have sex in a new relationship? Most of the time I have had about six dates with a guy, and then we have gone to bed with each other. However, this guy is totally different and does not seem to be in a rush at all. Is he gay? I am not sure about. He likes to give my a goodnight kiss anad holds my hand, but we have not been more intimate than that so far. It is a bit weird, but than one of the girls I work with at Romford escorts think that it is nice.

When I was a little bit younger, I am not sure that I would have put up with this kind of a relationship. I would have been a lot more anxious to jump into bed with him, and waiting for sex for this long would have been totally out of the question. Now when I am a little bit older, I feel more okay about it, but at the same time, I feel that I am missing out on something. Maybe he does not want to go to bed with because I work for Romford escorts.

I have decided to ask this guy if he finds me attractive. It may be the wrong thing to do but at least it will bnring things out in the open. I feel that I need to move on in the relationship, and like I keep saying to the girls here at Romford escorts, I really do enjoy sex. A sexless relationship would not be for me at all, and to be honest, I think that I cannot carry on like this anymore. It is a bit like this guy is rejecting me, but I am pretty sure that he does not mean to do so.

Is sex more important to some people than others? I am sure that there are plenty of people out there who could manage without sex, but I have to admit that I am not one of them. Sex helps me to relax and chill out a little bit after a long shift at Romford escorts, The fact that I have not had for at least four months now, is beginning to worry me. What am I doing wrong? But then again, it may not be me, it could be him. He could be one of these people who do not believe in sex before marriage. If that is the case, I do wish that he would tell me all so that we could both move on with our lives.