Should I go vegan along with my friends at Charing Cross Escorts?

Lots of the girls here at Charing Cross escorts, are going vegan, and they claim it is doing them good. I have tried it before, and found I lost my libido. But, my friends here at Charing Cross escorts will not listen to me, and would love me to try their vegan diet.


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The popularity of vegan diets is on the rise. Once associated with pot smoking hippies living in the woods, a vegan lifestyle is now becoming the fashion accessory of those following their favourite vegan celebrity, at least until said celebrity is caught on camera eating a bacon sandwich. Others are turning to vegan diets in an effort to reap the health benefits and to lose weight.
It isn’t often one sees a long term vegan who is overweight, as those who do practice it as a lifestyle tend to be committed to it and more active in general. However turning to a vegan diet for weight loss will not guarantee weight loss as it will be a distinctly hard adjustment to make, as it means far more than just giving up meat.
Cutting out meat in itself is a healthy step which can promote weight loss, as meat contains saturated fats which are bad for the heart as well as contributing to the stomach size. They are also harder to digest than the high fiber foods of a vegan diet. On the negative side a vegan diet does not allow for fish which is an excellent substitute for meat.
A true vegan diet does not include any dairy foods or products which are derived from meat, so that means no more butter, eggs, processed foods, cheese, yogurt or ice cream, What you can eat to your heart’s content are fruit and vegetables which will certainly help with weight loss.
However some of the allowed foods can be quite fattening, such as nuts and seeds. Wholegrain breads, cereals, and pastas are allowed, as are soy products. A vegan diet also allows for very healthy choices such as olive oil, a source of essential fat, and dark chocolate.
There is generally no need for calorie counting with a vegan diet as calories obtained from plant sources are low, but if one sat around all day eating whole grain bed dripping in olive oil, with a large helping of nuts and dark chocolate, it might be a struggle to get thin. As with any diet fruit and vegetables should be the first choice.
Whilst not eating meat and dairy products ought to stop the pounds piling on there is the very real problem that by following a vegan diet ones nutritional needs may not be fully met. It can be difficult to gauge if adequate protein, iron, calcium and certain vitamins are being absorbed from the alternate foods. Most diet industry vegan diets promote expensive supplements to make up the shortfall.
Would I try a vegan diet again? I am pretty fit already, and I am not sure a vegan diet is for me. I need all my energy for Charing Cross escorts, and I know my Charing Cross gents, do appreciate an energetic performance.