Shoreditch escorts

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I started dating Shoreditch escorts from after my marriage broke up, and I have not bothered to get remarried. Sticking to dating blonde Shoreditch escorts is the future of my love life, and at the moment I have no plans to get remarried. That is to say, if I could marry my favorite blonde Shoreditch escorts I would but I don’t think that I could handle more than one of them at a time.

I realized that I made a mistake when I married a brunette, I am sure that if I would have married a blonde, everything would have been fine but alas I did not. To be honest, I don’t know why I married a brunette as I had never rally fancied brunettes. She was a a very smart lady, and I thought we would have a good time together but all of that went really wrong.

My marriage

It turned out that my ex and I wanted really different things in life, and that she was really into her career. When she wasn’t working, she was doing sports and that just isn’t me. Okay, I like football like any other guy but doing sports every day of the week is not my cup of tea. I would rather have fun at home, and after a couple of years my marriage ended.

i soon realized that we had very little in common, and there was no point in carrying on. You can say that it wasn’t a love match as such, it was more a brief passion that ended in complete disaster.

After the end of my marriage I tried to date regular girls, but for some reason I found myself drawn to escorts with a real passion.


Angie is my favorite escorts and I met her after my marriage ended. First of all, I found it really difficult to talk to women but Angie broke all of that. She is a really good listener and we would just sit there and talk for hours at the end. It felt like i was going through a process, and that I needed to get something out of my system.

Angie said that I needed to recharge my batteries as I had hit rock bottom, and could not go any lower. It was a long slow process but I now feel much better about myself, and thanks to dating escorts I have been able to get my self confidence back.

People are quick to condemn chaps who date escorts, but escorts do have a vital role to fulfill. If, you have had an emotional shock, they can certainly turn your life around very quickly indeed.