Sasha likes to be in charge

In the recent weeks, we have been speaking to London escorts who like to wear different uniforms.Many London escorts are into uniforms , and you will find escorts in the areas of Mayfair, West End, Heathrow and Knightsbridge who all like to wear uniforms. There are escorts in other areas of London as well who like to wear uniforms, but the escorts in these areas take their uniform seriously.

One escort stands out from all of the escorts. Her name is Sascha, and she works in the East End of London and can be found on Sascha is a dominatrix, and she loves to dominate both men and women. She takes her job seriously, and is a very hard working girl. I was going to interview her as part of another article but she was just too busy to fit me in.

However, she has been able to squeeze me and she has popped into the Better Sex offices for coffee and a chat about her passion – domination.

sexy sasha

sexy sasha

Passion to Dominate

Sascha was born in Russia, and she was raised by her grandparents. They were pretty strict with her, and Sascha thinks that her grandmother would have made an excellent dominatrix. However, after quite a difficult childhood, Sascha went a bit astray and lost control of her life. She went off the rails, and somehow ended up in the UK with a sugar daddy first husband.

Sascha soon got fed up with her sugar daddy elderly husband, and left him at their luxury London home one late December evening. She decided to take control of her own life, and her passion for dominance started from there.

When she was 22 years old, she sat up her own cavern in Soho. It was rather a basic affair but it gave Russian speaking Sascha an opportunity to refine her practice and she spent the next three years learning a lot.

Being a dominatrix can pay quite well but you need to be able to switch off to manage personal life. Sascha loves what she does but she knows that there are lines that she mustn’t cross.

Moving On

After having sold her cavern in Soho, Sascha set up in the East End of London. She had enough capital to buy her own house, and she turned the entire house into a dungeon of different delights. She now has three rooms dedicated to different scenes and settings, and her favorite personal scene is the Vampire Dominatrix Stella.

Sascha has always been interested in vampires and believes very strongly that they still exist. She does not indulge in any of their habits, but she loves to dress up as a vampire. Stella is now one of her more popular roles, and she earns about £3,000 per day from being Stella.

She loves being able to go to work in the morning and fulfill all her fantasies. After works she does what so many other escorts do, just go home and chill out with a glass of wine and enjoy the rest of her day or night with her partner who works as a team of male escorts.