My One Regret

We all live with a certain amount of regrets in our lives. There are many different types of regrets that we come up against in our lives. Some of us regret things that we have done, and other regret things that we should have done. I am nor sure which category is the worst. When I was younger, I used to date girls from London escorts. One of the girls that I dated became very special to me, and we ended up spending a lot of time together. However, I moved abroad and we sort of lost touch.


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Back then, it was not so easy to keep in touch with people. We did not have the Internet and speaking on the phone was expensive. Of course, all of that has changed now, and the world that we live in today look completely different. Today, you can find a friend on the Internet in seconds, and get in touch more or less immediately. I can stand outside an Underground station, and look up my best friend. If I like to date a girl from London escorts, all I need is my mobile phone.

But 30 years ago, I did not have all of these means of communication available to me, and I ended up losing contact with the girl that I used to date at London escorts. When I came back to London for a break, she had left the agency, and no one wanted to tell me where she had gone. There was nothing else left for me to do, and I just had to get on with life. I went back to my job in Saudi, and eventually ended up meeting the right girl for me. Or so I thought.

Today, I wish that I had looked a little bit harder for that one girl from London escorts. I know that she is probably out there, but I don’t have a clue where to find her. After having spent a great deal of time searching social media after the the break up of my marriage, I have still not find a single trace of her. She was a really special girl and we clicked from the moment that we met. I am sure that my family would have accepted her.

It is a major regret in my life, and I do feel bitter about it. When I married my fiancee, I was not sure that she was the right one for me. Really, what I am saying is that you should learn to trust your gut instinct. It is not always easy to do, but with a little bravery, you can do so. I often sit in my living room and check out other girls from London escorts services. It is kind of funny, but I am hoping that she may pop up one day. She probably will not and she will always be my one regret in my life that I am not going to be able to get over.