How to spot a high maintenance girl

I laugh when men think you are just going to move in with them, and not spend their money. During my time with Dagenham escorts, I had numerous marriage proposals and an endless stream of guys asking me to come and live with them. Sure, I did mind leaving Dagenham escorts to hook up with a bit of a Sugar Daddy, but I am not sure that they were after a Sugar Babe. Some of them could possible not even afford a Sugar Babe, and if they could not afford my lifestyle, there was no way that I was going to give up my job.


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How do you spot a high maintenance girl? The first thing you should do, is perhaps to check out her handbag. I love expensive handbags, and before I worked for Dagenham escorts, I used to work for a top notch central London escort service. The gents that I dated at the agency loved to spoil me, and often bought me expensive handbags. Most girls who are kind of high maintenance, do normally have very expensive handbags.

Not only should you check out her handbag, check out what she pulls out of that handbag as well. Like the other girls at Dagenham escorts, I do like to look good for my gents. However, the other girls may buy their make up at Boots. My lipsticks come from places like Chanel and Dior. I am sure most gents are not aware how much they cost, but they should know that a girl who is hooked on high end make up, may be a little bit more expensive to run if you know what I mean.

What is your girl wearing on her feet? If your girl turns up in Marks and Spencer shoes for your date, you are in general okay. But, when she shows up wearing a pair of designer shoes such as Gucci or even Bruno Magli, you should perhaps think twice about asking the girl in front of you to be your girlfriend. Mind you, you may have more than an average income, and in that case, having a high maintenance girlfriend should not worry you at all.

Listen to what she has to say. I often get compliments for my good looks, and my gents at Dagenham escorts, always say that I look well groomed. Yes, I am very well groomed, but it does cost a fortune to keep things up to standard as I like to say. Every month I spend a small fortune on beauty treatments. It makes me feel good, and makes me look great. I don’t feel guilty about wanting to meet a man who can afford my high standards. Why should I? There are many other Sugar Babes out there doing exactly the same thing as I do, and get away with it. In my opinion, it is just a matter of finding the right man. When I have done that, I will indeed be happy to move in with you, and live you. By the way, a little cute sport car would help.