How much can I expect to earn as an escort?

When you work for top escort agencies in London, you can expect to earn more than you work for more rural escort agencies such as But, you are not going to be able sustain that kind of high level dating that you do in London for a long time. It can get rather exhausting, and as I know from experience, you can actually become a bit bored. In that case, you end up just going form pillar to post, and not at any one time, do you deliver a satisfactory dating experience.

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Working in London did earn me a lot of money, and at the same time, it gave me a lot of experience of escorting. I was able to line my pockets with plenty of money and after a few years, I had invested in two properties in London. It was around this time I realised that I had probably gone as far as I could go in the profession, and started to think about leaving. I had two lovely homes in London, and during a visit to Hungerford, I had come across this lovely cottage. As I felt a bit burned out at the time, I left London and moved to Berkshire.

During my first couple of months in Hungerford I focused all of my attention on my new home in Hungerford. It was not until a couple of months later, I became kind of tired of being a lady of leisure, and started to look around. It was then I came across Hungerford escorts. As I had a lot of experience of escorting, it did not take the owner of the Hungerford escorts to appreciate that I would be an asset to the escort agency in Hungerford.

Do I earn as much with Hungerford escorts as I did when I worked for the escort agency in London? No, I don’t earn as much money with Hungerford escorts but it does not really matter to me. In London I did used to earn crazy money, and now with Hungerford escorts, I earn about a quarter what I used to earn in London. But at the same time, I have a rental income from my properties in London, and I still manage to save money.

Working for the escort agency in Hungerford is a totally different experience. At first I was not sure that I had done the right thing to join the agency, but I have ended up dating a lot of gentlemen away from Hungerford. Most of the time I date in places like Newbury and Marlborough, and I don’t have to worry about what the locals think of my activities. It is okay and it is nice to stay in touch with escorting. Would I want to work for a big escort agency in London again? No, I don’t think so, and I have in all honesty become a bit of a country girl over the past two years and I love it.