Having An escort girlfriend

I love having a girlfriend who works for Upton Park escorts from http://www.londonxcity.com/escorts. To me it is not a problem at all but I do know that many other gents struggle with this kind of relationship. The thing is that my mom used to work as an escort and i think that is why I am okay about it. My mom is still alive today and she loves my girlfriend as much as I do. To be fair, I think that some guys are really shocked when their girlfriends tell them they are escorts and they cannot handle it.


London Escorts

London Escorts

It is a bit easier for me as I understand what escorting is all about. My mom did not work for Upton Park escorts, she worked for a totally different agency in central London where we lived at the time. My mom’s career as a London VIP escorts went really well and she even paid for me to go to a public school. I was so lucky and I have to admit that I am much better educated that many of my friends here in the local neighbourhood.


When my mom’s career was over, we moved back to the East End of London. I was at university at the time studying to be a lawyer. Today I work for a chamber in London as a QC so I have done well for myself. But, I do like to live in East London. There is something special about the people here and I love the fact that they are fun to be with. I also like the multi cultural community around here and I think it is very much London. Actually I met my girlfriend in this part of town. She told me straight away that she works for Upton Park escorts and I said I was okay with that.


My girlfriend was really surprised that I accepted that she worked for Upton Park escorts. I know that it can be hard for these girls to have good quality personal lives outside of escorting so I told her my mom’s story. A couple of weeks later, my girlfriend and my mom met for the first time and they get on really well. I think that it is nice and I know my mom’s loves to go shopping with my girlfriend. They have no secrets from each other and share a rather unique professional experience.


Most of the other girl at Upton Park escorts have a really hard time holding down relationships. I know many of them and they are really nice girls. They are always so surprised when I tell them that I am a QC and I date one of their own. The boss of the agency is a really nice guy and he is local as well. I think that being an East Londoner may mean that you have a particular kind of lifestyle. Okay, I don’t actually say legal services out of my suitcase but I know where these people come from and I know that they are in some small way part of me and my life experience.